Contract IDDescriptionAgencyAwarded ToStart DateEnd DatePDF

Placement of UVI social work students for practicum experience.

Department of Human Services

University of the Virgin Islands10/19/202110/18/2023

Security camera installation for STX District.

Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture

High Tide Solutions, LLC08/25/202110/18/2023

Administrative services in connection with its Drug and Alcohol Testing Program to satisfy the rules and regulations of the Federal Transit Administration(FTA) for the public transportation system in the VITRAN

Department of Public Works (Vitran)

Chem Chek CO., Inc.10/18/202110/17/2023

Provide  Architectural and Engineering Services for the construction of an Administrative Building in the STT District

Virgin Islands Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Boschulte Architecture, LLC.10/15/202110/14/2023

Program Management Assistance in the administration of The Federal-aid Highway Program.

Department of Public Works (Highway Engineering)

Mr. Myron L.W. James10/09/202110/10/2023

To provide assisted living and home care services. 

Department of Human Services

Saint Cyril the Great, LLC10/01/202109/30/2023

Provide laboratory services for patients/clients to the Department of Health Division of Women, Infants, and Children.

Department of Health

Clinical Laboratory, Inc.10/01/202009/30/2023

Design and Engineering related to Northside Highway Drainage improvements on the island of St. Croix/Renewal

Department of Public Works

Stanley Consultants, Inc.09/30/202209/29/2023

Provide VOIP phone system for the St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John District.

Department of Planning and Natural Resources

Smartnet, LLC.08/07/202009/20/2023

Implement a Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) at middle and high schools within the Territory to prevent and limit the rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Department of Human Services

Department of Education09/19/202209/20/2023

Modify the MyUI online claim portal to incorporate Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act forms for Unemployment Insurance (UI) initial and completed claims and to assist with testing and training or procedures development necessary for implementation.     

Department of Labor

Center for Employment Security Education and Research, Inc.09/21/202109/20/2023

Provide Oracle programming for the Unemployment Insurance Division.

Department of Labor

Srinivasu Vadlamani09/15/202209/14/2023

Conduct a 2021 and 2022 Scientific Seat Belt Survey, collect supplement rear seat belt usage data beyond what is yielded during the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) accredited statewide survey collection, and a resample of sites as per NHTSA regulations in calendar year 2022 prior to that years territory data collection.

Virgin Islands Police Department

Preusser Research Group, Inc.09/14/202109/13/2023

Program Management Assistance I the administration of The Federal-aid Highway Program

Department of Public Works (Highway Engineering)

Bradford E. Marshall Jr., d/b/a Mars Construction Consultants09/01/202208/31/2023

Assist the GVI with program management and coordination of services for a disaster relief grant for dislocated workers in the VI.

Department of Labor

ICF Incorporated, L.L.C.09/01/202208/31/2023

Adapt and edit the K-6 HMH Social Studies ©2015, and 9-12 HMH Civics © 2018 programs to create a version that would align with the VIDE curriculum, including territory specific content and history in electronic and print-ready format for the benefit of the K-12 public schools in the territory.

Department of Education

Codemantra U.S. LLC dba Codemantra08/23/202208/22/2023

To provide Pharmacy Benefit Management Services.

Department of Health

ScriptGuideRX, Inc.08/21/202008/20/2023

Project management services to successfully implement and execute the RAP. Work-based learning programs, under Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP).

Department of Labor

ICF Incorporated, L.L.C.08/19/202108/18/2023

Demolition of Building A, B, and C of the Charlotte Amalie High School on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Department of Education

Grade All heavy Equipment, Inc04/11/202207/31/2023

Assist with supporting the GVI with transitioning to and acquiring of Electric vehicles and charging stations.

Virgin Islands Energy Office

Romeo Power, Inc.07/27/202107/26/2023

Central Cancer Registry software and support to the Virgin Islands Central Cancer Registry.

Department of Health

University of Utah07/16/202107/15/2023

Program management assistance for the Federal-aid Highway Program.

Department of Public Works

Cornelius Maher07/01/202006/30/2023

To facilitate disbursements of the daily and monthly Public Assistance (PA) benefits to clients, as approved by the Department of Human Services.

Department of Human Services

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico07/01/202206/30/2023

Install a Public Address (PA) Intercom and Bell System at the Charlotte Amalie High School and Joseph Gomez Elementary School in the STT/STJ School District.

Department of Education

Omni Systems, Inc.09/28/202206/30/2023

Assist and advise in benefit plan administration.

GESC/Health Insurance Board of Trustees

The Gehring Group, Inc.07/01/202206/30/2023

Design of improvements to Veterans Drive for Route 30.

Deparment of Public Works

WSP USA, Inc.03/01/201906/30/2023

Collect and analyze socioeconomic data, research economic trends, advise on economic policies and develop economic forecasting.

Bureau of Economic Research

Lauritz Mills dba SygmaPCS07/01/202206/30/2023

Manage the Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery funded project for the Virgin Islands Department of Labor Workforce Development Program Project Management Services.

Department of Labor

ICF Incorporated, L.L.C.06/21/202106/20/2023

Internet access and Wide Area Network (WAN) broadband bandwidth to DOE schools and facilities in the St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix District including administrative offices. ( increase amount of 115,200.00, GVI 10% 11,520.00) (Amendment)

Department of Education

Broadband VI, LLC dba VI E-Cell Broadband07/01/202106/20/2023

To assist the Government with program management and coordination of services for a disaster relief grant for dislocated workers in the Virgin Islands.

Department of Labor

ICF Incorporated, L.L.C.06/21/202106/20/2023

iMart technology software solutions to continue to operate, update and host the State Longitudinal Data System referred to as the VI Virtual Information System.

Department of Education

Otis Educational Systems. Inc. d/b/a Otis Educational Systems06/06/202206/05/2023

Implement an Online High School and Online Vocational Certificate Program through Penn Foster to afford inmates the opportunity to earn their high school diplomas and gain employable skills. 

Bureau of Corrections

University of the Virgin Islands06/01/202106/01/2023

Ongoing website design and website maintenance and hosting and support services.

Department of Property and Procurement

CrucianPoint, LLC.06/01/202105/31/2023

Provide a case management and reporting system to interface with the DOL VI/VIEWS to assist DHS Vocational Rehabilitation Program with operations to include federal reporting.

Department of Human Services

Geographic Solutions, Inc.05/31/202205/30/2023
C023DPWT21 (IRC)

St. John FEMA Public Assistance Local Road Repair-01 on the island of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Department of Public Works

Island Roads Corporation05/30/202205/29/2023

Actuarial valuation of liabilities for post-employment benefits (other than pension).

Department of Finance

Buck Global, LLC.05/28/202105/27/2023

Software and Data Warehousing for the Recorder of Deeds

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Kofile Technologies, Inc.05/16/202005/15/2023

Perform Insurance brokerage and risk management services.

Department of Property and Procurement

Marshall & Sterling St. Croix, Inc.05/07/202105/06/2023

Serve as a programmer for the development and maintenance of the current STARS system, and to support the integrity of the code during the modernization process and the post-implementation stage.

Department of Justice (Paternity and Child Support Division)

Shumaker Consulting, LLC.05/06/202205/05/2023

Enlist inmates to do roadside maintenance along designated roads.

Department of Public Works

Enlist inmates to do roadside maintenance along designated roads05/03/202205/02/2023
C011OOGT22 (JBC)

Rehabilitation of the Government House on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Office of the Governor

J. Benton Construction LLC08/25/202204/21/2023

Remove and dispose of derelict vessels and loose debris in Krum Bay STT.

Department of Planning and Natural Resources

American Compliance Technologies, Inc.04/21/202204/20/2023

Conduct the Territorys Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System using a multi-mode Window base Software Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing system.

Department of Health

Board of Supervisors of the Louisiana State University and Agriculture and Mechanical College03/01/202204/15/2023

To conduct technical, administrative and general management for the agency website.

Election System of the Virgin Islands

Crucian Point, LLC.04/16/202004/15/2023

To provide Exterminating Services at various locations for the Virgin Islands National Guard (office of the Adjutant General) in the St. Thomas/ St. John District

Virgin Islands National Guard

Oliver Exterminating of St. Thomas, Inc04/16/202204/15/2023

Government travel and management expense through a software as a service platform.

Department of Finance

Carahsoft Technology Corp04/16/202004/15/2023

Department of Finance

Carahsoft Technology Corp.04/16/202004/15/2023

To Provide Trash/ Solid Waste Removal Services at the Estate Nazareth Military Compound at the Virgin Islands National Guard (Office of the Adjutant General) in St. Thomas/ St. John District

Virgin Islands National Guard

Millionaire Ambition Business (MAB) Enterprise LL04/15/202204/14/2023

Website reconfiguring, hosting, and maintenance services. 

Workforce Development Board

Omni Systems, Inc.04/11/202204/10/2023

Develop and redesign the GVI website.

Bureau of Corrections

8West, LLC.04/06/202204/05/2023